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Rusal’s social projects support development in Guinea

Rusal has been carrying out operations in the West African country of Guinea for more than a decade. The company is not just creating jobs through its wide-ranging portfolio of social projects – it is also supporting development in many areas of public life.

Rusal is one of Guinea’s largest employers and private sector investors, working with Guinea to capitalise on its considerable natural resources. As a business that takes its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously in all the countries in which it operates, Rusal always works to support local communities by investing in social projects which foster sustainable development in areas such as health and education.

In Guinea, Rusal has implemented a number of different social projects, each of which aim to help the country achieve sustainable social change. Indeed, Rusal has been so prolific at creating social projects in the country that in 2006, the government in Guinea awarded Rusal its status as a “Socially Orientated Company” in recognition of its successful social projects that have done everything from build basic infrastructure to help inspire the next generation of Guinean sporting talent.

How Rusal uses social projects policy to support Infrastructure in Guinea

Rusal knows that there are two key things that underpin sustainable development: access to power and access to water. Unfortunately, in Guinea, these two things are not always a certainty. Rusal has launched a number of social projects to help change that.

Through its “Water for All” social project, for example, it has helped bring clean, fresh water to new regions of Guinea. In Fria, Rusal has used the capacities of its industrial complex to build the infrastructure to enable the continuous supply of drinking water to local residents.  Where access to water is likely to be inhibited, Rusal also oversees the construction of artesian wells, which do not require the use of a pump in order to bring water to the surface.

Water supply isn’t the only infrastructure Rusal has helped develop in Guinea through its social projects. It also project managed and funded the electrification of villages in Fria and Kindia as part of its corporate social responsibility programme in Guinea. And because travel and public institutions that are fit for purpose are key for sustainable development, Rusal has also undertaken the repair and reconstruction of the main administration building in the Mambia sub-prefecture and repaired roads in the capital city of Conakry.

Using education to drive real social change

Another area in which Rusal has launched a number of social projects in Guinea is education. No country can thrive without a well-educated population, and Rusal is helping to improve education in Guinea through a number of strategies – supporting everyone from children at primary school to skilled workers through its education-related social projects.

Rusal launched a project to reconstruct the primary school in the village of Debele, at a cost of around $26,000 US. This project alone has enabled more than 500 Guinean children to benefit from a solid start to their education. Similarly, in Fria – where secondary education provision in geographically disparate and often inadequate - one of Rusal’s social projects was to build a secondary school. In addition, each year Rusal provides school supplies to the villages of Guinea

Providing a basic education isn’t the only way Rusal uses social projects to support education in Guinea. In 2011, the company launched an education project that supports 100 young people from Guinea annually to gain scholarships that will enable them to learn at a leading Russian university. There, students supported to complete degrees that will help them play a part in the social and economic development of their country, such as medicine, economics, and construction.

Rusal’s social projects to support the development of healthcare in Guinea

Another area in which Rusal has implemented social projects that have made a real impact on the everyday lives of people in Guinea is healthcare.  This has ranged from providing general support to local hospitals, as Rusal did when it provided assistance to the medical centre in the village of Foma, where a technical refitting project was carried out, to large scale projects such as the development of the Centre for Epidemic and Microbiological Research and Treatment (CEMRT). The CEMRT is a $10 million US state-of-the-art medical centre launched in the wake of the Ebola crisis, a project that actually proved critical in containing the deadly disease of Ebola in Guinea.  

Rusal’s cultural and sporting social projects in Guinea

As well as supporting Guinea in building up its health, education and utilities infrastructure, Rusal also recognizes the importance of social, cultural and sporting activities in fostering a nation’s development. For example, in Fria, which has a long and proud legacy of nurturing some of Guinea’s leading athletes, Rusal has done its bit to support the next generation of Guinean sporting stars through its social projects.

There, Rusal has also refurbished a swimming pool that is not only used for exercise and leisure by Rusal employees, but also as venue for major sporting competitions. Fria also benefits from a martial arts centre supported by Rusal. But Fria isn’t the only town to benefit. In another social project, Rusal funded the reconstruction of a well-equipped sports facility in Conakry, a facility that is visited by more than 1,000 Guinean students and school children every day. In addition, to mark the 15th anniversary of its Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia, Rusal ran a sports festival and gala event for local residents. Rusal also supports local religious communities through its social projects in Guinea. In Fria, it has assisted in the restoration of both a city mosque and a Catholic church.

For Rusal, social projects are simply part of its international strategy to always give back to local communities wherever it operates. This not only makes the lives of its workers better today, but also helps the people of important partner countries like Guinea build a brighter tomorrow.