10.6 billion
Oleg Deripaska has donated over 10.6 billion rubles to charity and social projects.



I am convinced that Russia has huge potential for further development and all the conditions needed to be a prosperous country. But realising this potential is only possible through the efforts of concerned and professional people. Therefore the main goals of all social programmes that I and my Volnoe Delo Foundation participate in will be to support these people and increase their numbers. After all, motivated and active people change the world, create something to be proud of for generations and are changing our world and our lives for the better. How do we achieve these goals? To my mind, primarily through the support of educational and research projects, the development of culture, preservation of traditions and the improvement of the social environment in the regions.


Together with the Volnoe Delo Foundation, I do not stand still: expanding geographically, increasing the number of programs that introduce the most advanced methods, in short we strive to ensure that all around us become less dependent on moods, and increase the desire to do good for themselves and the outside world. For detailed information about the work of my Foundation, please visit www.volnoe-delo.ru.


Oleg Deripaska